Who are we?

Smart Lifestyle Products for a Smarter You!

At Buxaz, we believe that making our products accessible to as many people as possible provides them a smarter lifestyle and the confidence they need to do better.

We promote technological advancement with a faster rate of innovation that
benefits the society as a whole in creating opportunities for themselves and others.

We strive to re-define the technological industry as one that advances through availability and affordability.



We believe that the technology with a constant innovation advances only when it meets all Quality and Safety standards.

Innovation and Certified Standards are what we feel that our customers deserve to be promised.



In the world that's built on technology driven with constant innovation, we feel that these technological achievements are not made available to the market masses at an attainable price point.

We aim to eliminate the barrier by developing the same innovative technology at a price point affordable to people all over the world.



We are a perfect combination of Supply Chain Management Experts and Technology Design Experts which inspired us to start Buxaz on a mission to bridge the huge gap between availability and affordability of Smart Technology Products.


We believe that a better world starts with a SMARTER YOU.